Benefits of Massage Therapy

Chiropractic care offers a wide range of treatment options to help you find pain relief. Massage therapy has proven to be a useful type of all-natural pain relief as well as a wonderful way to reduce stress. At ChiroCare we provide professional massage therapy for our patients in Fairlawn and the surrounding areas of Bath and Copley. Keep reading to learn about the many benefits of this treatment.

Who Needs Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy can benefit anyone at any age. Massage is especially helpful for those who are dealing with chronic pain disorders or who are recovering from an injury. Chronic pain disorders, such as fibromyalgia and MS, often cause a person’s muscles to tighten and spasm. Finding an all-natural solution for these pain issues can be difficult.

Can a Chiropractor Help with Massage Therapy?

When massage is done correctly, it can help to loosen and lengthen the muscles of the body. When muscles become shortened and tight, they often cause pain. Tight muscles cannot function properly and mobility can be affected. Muscles must remain lengthened and loosened.

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, you may experience tightness and pain in your muscles. This can be caused by scar tissue or it can be caused by a lack of activity during your recovery period. Massage therapy can get your muscles loosened up so that you can get back to your active lifestyle.

In addition to these benefits, massage can also be helpful to reduce stress. Stress can lead to many other types of health conditions when left untreated. Finding healthy ways to deal with your stress will be crucial to your long-term health and wellness.

To learn more about massage therapy or any of our other chiropractic services, contact us at ChiroCare, serving Fairlawn, OH, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at 330-281-1238 to schedule an appointment.

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