Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy and Pain Relief

More about your body is connected than you might think. When one muscle is damaged, it can actually impact other muscles, tendons, and ligaments. A single imbalance can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, which is where massage therapy comes in.


At ChiroCare, we help relieves muscle pain and encourage blood flow throughout the body. If you have a chronic illness or experienced a personal injury, massage therapy can provide a lot of relief. While our compassionate and skilled chiropractor is located in Fairlawn, our clinic also serves the surrounding areas of Copley and Bath, providing massage therapy as needed.

How Massage Therapy Helps

Massage therapy focuses on improving circulation. The therapist will use motions to draw blood and oxygen to the affected area. This speeds up healing, reduces inflammation, and strengthens immunity. Each therapy technique provides different benefits specific to your treatment plan.

Massage therapy is also preventative. When you undergo massage treatment, you are also more likely to experience improved mobility and range of motion. This added flexibility can impact your future movements, preventing falls and other injuries that could be linked to stiffness in your muscles and joints.

Develop a Massage Treatment Plan

Our chiropractor may recommend a specific treatment plan based on your injuries and your body's natural healing process. You may only need a few treatment sessions. You may also benefit from having a long-term therapy plan.

Massage Therapy Techniques

Deep tissue massage is one of the most popular massage therapy techniques used for those who have been injured in car accidents or those who experience chronic pain. This massage focuses on getting to the deeper layers of tissue and muscles. Our chiropractor may pair this technique with corrective exercises, stretches, and heat therapy to assist injury recovery.

We also provide sports massage. This form of massage stretches the body while also adding pressure to painful areas. Another technique that puts pressure on sensitive parts of the body is trigger point therapy. Like sports massage, trigger point therapy also reduces muscle tension and improves mobility.

Schedule Your First Massage Therapy Session Today

Are you under a lot of stress? Are you in pain? Our team at ChiroCare can help. Our chiropractor in Fairlawn, also serving the surrounding areas of Copley and Bath, can provide you with the massage treatment you need to feel your best.

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